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Finely dressed diplomats
Twerking on you tube
Where recording artist get recognition
For nude spreads in Maxim magazines
Botox enlarged butt cheeks
And bank accounts of sugar daddies
Running Disney studios
where former child stars
Chastise fan base
For politely requesting for autographs and selfies
with rogue cops
using deadly force
On CD peddlers & NRA members
Trumped up charges
Permit racist to reveal them selves
And feel themselves get hard
When a youngster is gunned down 16 times
They crave those good ole times
Consistent with handling business
Of eliminating nigger oops those thugs
Got no love for Sam the uncle
Lynched my father rape my mother
Impaled by whips, chains and belt buckles
Or Puppets chanting "Yes We Can!'
Because we can't do it
Some demand actions, while others
Want everyone to follow plantation owner's
Religious indoctrination

Harlem and Johannesburg
Under massive occupation
But we keep singing we shall overcome.
And worshiping beanstalks red hoods and brick houses .
With marble walls
To confine the sub-conscious mind
Railroading liberation like bullet trains
Our past is written in pain.
Like screaming mamas
Gripping closed coffins
Protesters getting tear gassed often
for exercising free speech
Condoned by presidential candidates requesting their vote
And Vietnam era draft dodging rock singers
Desire civil war and ethnic cleansing
Where you be for the ending
And hear prophets claim, "They told us so"?
knees on concrete
Doesn't make progressive ends meet
Where African Billionaires observe cultural genocide
On their native land while they sit and smirk
watching the World Cup
Admiring our enemies
And turning back on our friends.
Fatal accidents involving big wigs
Has some fool believing
god made it rain fish.
Deep sea dreaming for the apocalypse

Common sense in the shit
And it's making me sick
Sick to the pit of righteousness
Swallowed up by egotist
73 victories but loose the championship
Thanks to King James
Stripping freedom like nuts
Getting off on award shows
Where a late great super freak named Rick
Goes on national TV
And calls a woman a bitch
American dream is the goal
But white nationalist aren't convinced
You got to show and prove
Mark the tape Brotha
Enemies has you under surveillance

Granting freedom on certain conditions.
Activism's forbidden
You got what you need
Because they say so.
Assume the position.
Embrace the submission
Pay homage to masters
After all they were once in control
But we got single mother's
Raising black bastards
And now government's fed up
With cap traps and white crack
Come on, boy
Sign the contract
We got you on lock
For another 500 years
More than enough
Time for your pain
To persevere
And absorbing the tears
In your video blog
Hopelessness detected
In your eyes
Heart to heart with kids
About servers and protectors
Are the ones breaking the laws
And victims they vilify
Screeching at the top
Of their lungs
About all lives matter
Unless it's few shades darker
Nation celebrate its birth
Evaporating a Black man's worth
You go Serena
Another grand slam
Jesse Williams expands
Low info Negros discomfort
Parroting Fox News reports
About Chicago
Ignorance is the enemy's hero.

Nuance crash lands
Objectivity disbands
Into rewinds of Basketball Wives
And the Enemy thrives off
It's masterful deception
Fresh out Joseph Goebbels handbook
Look to propaganda taking shape
Truths is not a debate
Roger Ailes masturbates
Thinking about Gretchen
Our Ancestors paid the price
To give us lessons
We are indifferent to learn
Continued lynching
Along with getting burn
Cognitive Dissonance
Stockholm Connery
Thanking Jesus for slavery
Not wanting to alienate
The white race
You depending on government
Creating and profiting off diseases in our body's
High blood pressure
Sickle cell
White man's heaven is a Black man's hell
Here on earth, not in the sky

Meditate your posture
Queen Mother
King Father
We got the right to magnify freedom
Walk this way
And polish ur kingdom
Cleaning inkwells and shot gun shells
From gang activity
Rehabilitating roughnecks to soldiers
Pointing them into right direction
From destruction to productivity
Masculine hood protection
From them
Is the key
Shooting straight
Aiming at the heart
Of the enemies
We shall not be moved
Or bow down
to political clowns
showing indifference
to our humanity
no longer wasting time
subjugating appeasement
of dirty minds
looking at our justice
as unacceptable controversy
they must deny.

2016 R.M.
All Rights Reserved.

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