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Timelines of Apocalypse

The Angel War
Under my feet, the crunch of the bones of a dead world. Stretching to the horizon lay the bodies of the slain,
In front of me,
My fallen, my love.
His head turned to the side,
His golden hair strewn across his face.
My fingers ached to push the hair out of his face, but I knew it would ruin the illusion of sleep… like his broken body did.
I was barely holding it together. My heart had ripped in half, and I had hurriedly stitched it back together.
Shaking, and breathing, I felt the Maestro walk up beside me, then crouch by his form.
Tentatively, he put two fingers on his cheek, beside his nose.
Shook his head, and sat back.
"I can't put him back together," he said, and his voice was small.
Stars wailed, and fell.
He stood, dusting off his hands, "But I can put him back in Creation." His finger traced the Milky Way above.
I turned to him, the hope rising in my throat.
But he wouldn't meet my eye.
"He wouldn't carry the memories of you anymore, but he would be Him."
I swallowed down the ball of grief. "Then I shall give him something to remember me by."
I stepped forward, and gently turned his face towards mine. Remembering the excitement, the look on his face when he had turned to me, and the Heavens crashed behind him.
I reached inside, and pulled long, golden filaments out of my soul, in my mind's eye, weaving all of our beautiful memories into a whisper; an echo.
I placed them inside his heart. "Carry these with you, and they'll bring you back to me. When Earth has finished it's cycle, and we stand between worlds; on the edge of time. Go in peace, my love."
I kissed his lips for the last time,
Then stood, nodded to the Professor,
And strode off.

Born again, and again, I would write songs, and search for the golden haired boy with blue eyes.
But it would be lifetimes before I saw him again…