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You Already Took the C 19 Vaccine and Now realize what it is! 6-13-21

You Already Took the C 19 Vaccine and Now realize what it is! 6-13-21 by JudyLea

Are you one who took the vaccine/gene changer and now realize what you have done? Please hear my testimony!


This is a gene changer not a vaccine. It is a part of a real conspiracy mentioned in Psalm 2 in God's Word. The tangible mark of the Beast technology is not just the chip in the hand but includes a more advanced technology of nano hydrogel. The Bible also mentions not to take the name or the number of the name. According to God’s Word there is also to be no hope for those who take the mark of the beast. Well based on what God has been doing with me in my assignments, sharing with ones to repent (who have already taken it) and has me pray for them. Why would he do that if there was no hope. No I believe at this stage, that the truly repentant, that put their trust soley in God through Christ knows the hearts and circumstances of all. And He set me up with ones that He wants to save if they will fully surrender, repent, turn away from lies and trust in the world to full trust in Him through Christ.


Now do not be misled, you can not read this and think its ok to take this when more pressure comes thinking you can turn around and repent them. You know now and have to take this to the Father in prayer and seek His face and let the Holy Spirit speak truth to you. Those who try to save their lives will lose it and those who are willing to lose their lives will save it. Our trust must be in God alone and not man. 


I followed the Holy Spirit in a homeless-type journey sharing warnings against this vaccine well before it came out. (Amos 3:7) One thing I heard Holy Spirit speak to my spirit when I was upset at the people taking this (Christians) is that "He is exposing the thoughts of the heart." We must be Hot or cold-no luke warmness in this hour. He will spit us out and say He never knew us. For those who know Him and ask Him about this vaccine would be eaily warned. We are to be watching and staying close to God and trusting Him over man. We must be no part of this world.


This is not the final mark in the right hand but it is a part of the mark

of the beast which there is no hope for those who take the final but it is possible He is setting them up with the last opportunity for true repentance and I don't know if that means He will change their cells and prevent this gene changer from changing their genes or He will just take them home and spare them from hell. For surely the innocent children and elderly will be spared. I asked what about them and he shared the verse Isaiah 57:1. Many people

perish and no one considers it is to save them from evil."


The DNA will change slowly so it is not so obvious and that is the purpose for several shots. they are putting this in our food too. (That's another story)


 I know from what God has revealed, confirmed, and trained me in sharing regarding

the mark of the Beast and Vaccine Genocide. I was not aware in the beginning if they were

one and the same (mark of the beast and vaccine genocide) (You can see the detailed vision

in middle of the page of ProclaimJesus.webstarts.com video titled "Mark of Beast (2)"(You can mute the sound and just read the vision with pics and the scripture) (and the judgment on America as in the Babylon system underneath is found on this page) 



Summary of my Testimony regarding Vaccine Warnings starting 2007

God began preparing me when He sent a prophet in 2007 to let me know I had a gift of revelation of National Danger and that I would receive a message in the future and tell everyone even if they thought I was paranoid. In 2008 Chuck Pierce visited our church and said (as if God was speaking through Him: "If you want to know what you will be doing in the future ask me and I will tell you.That night I asked and received a face of a tiger that looked innocent at first and then opened its mouth. It had huge jangled teeth. And then I saw a syringe going into an arm. Then I saw myself on an adult bicycle with training wheels. The training wheels were gone and then I pushed someone off on a unicycle onto ungroomed terrain. 


Since then God revealed an ill agenda in 2009 regarding the Swine Flu that was man-made to cause fear to get ones to take the H1N1 Vaccine that contained disgusting ingredients according to my research at the time. And the Holy Spirit set up an appointment that led me to a press release that came out that day (in 2009) from Verichip Corporation that showed their stock went up when the RFID Chip was approved to go in it. (they have joined with someone else now) (radio frequency device) (The video at the top of the page of ProclaimJesus.webstarts.com and the Letter on that page will give more detail of more revelation that Christ was exposing) Keep in mind the Lord said he would give hidden manna to those who endured and sought His face. Although it is in His Word as the Holy Spirit highlighted scripture for all that 

was sealed up till the end. 


Now the mark of the Beast has several scriptures. Everyone seems to  hang on the Revelation 13:16 "It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave to receive a mark in their right hands or on their foreheads, .." But we can not ignore the following verse 17: "so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name." And a Side note; it goes on to say this calls for WISDOM. But the point

is we can not take the name or the number of the name and the patent has 060606 and Lucerace several times in it. Also, the Lord had me see an interview with a man who owned the company who was hired by the Trump Administration for the Jump Start Program that would get out the millions of prefilled syringes, who admitted that the number 666 was

on the sryinges. This number he says is to identify who has taken it or not. The number 6 represents the number of men. In April I saw a video a watchman included in his message of Biden saying he had a goal to get out 100million shots in arms and 100 million 1400 dollar checks in pockets. This brother highlighted that 1400 in Hebrew meant man and in Greek

meant slavery. 


The Lord has had me hear a video interview in the past and had me see an article recently that revealed America is a Corporation.

and that at some point that was going to have to be an identity system. No doubt all this and more that our Awesome God reveals is the Satanic systems of the hands and feet of the fallen ones bringing together the One World Order. 


We should all see the signs if we have been watching as God commanded. If we have been trusting God and not man or systems and putting our creator first spending time with him and committing all to Him we would not be in the dark. 


Back to the vaccine. In 2009 when I asked God how he felt about the swine flu vaccine on my knees before bed, he woke me up in the middle of the night and my life has never been the same since. At that time Holy Spirit-led research exposed that this was man-made and was to cause fear to take the vaccine. God had me make many calls and letters to prayer ministries as the enemy was trying to move things before there time. What they tried then, the Lord has allowed now. Even the mask represents an age old satanic ritual of sacrifice. It is an initiation into the one world order. I want to mention here that in 2015 September 23, the Lord revealed that the One World Order had already been secretly signed then. And the internet was taken over by the EU Oct 4, 2015. Another side note to show where we are in time, Israel just claimed peace and security. 1 Thesselonians 5:3 says when they say “Peace and Security” sudden destruction. 


What is God Doing:

Just as God told Moses to let the Egyptians and Israelites know what God was about to do before each plague, this is what he is doing now through his messengers such as myself regarding coming out of the infiltrated systems (Revelation 18:4-Matthew 13:30) to worship in spirit and truth, and that the wicked will fall into their own pit they dug for others. If we trust in the systems or listen to man over God then will we not share in the sins and receive a part of the plagues? We are to make our Heavenly Father through Christ our refuge. Also, The Israelites were given instruction through Moses, the Lords obedient servant so they could prepare. For example, they had to place the blood on the doorpost so the angel of death would pass over their home. If they would not have had ears to hear or disobeyed the direction, they too would have lost their firstborn.


And I can personally vouch for Yah and Yeshua's faithfulness in the wilderness. Are you ready for when the governments say “you have to take this vaccine or you can’t fly, eat, buy, or work without it? 


So, we all need to repent and continue to make the Lord Almighty through His Son Jesus Christ/Yeshua and by His Holy Spirit our refuge and stronghold. Daniel 2:44 says, In the days of those Kings I will set up a kingdom that will destroy all other kingdoms and it will stand forever and never be destroyed.” Jesus was no part of this world and His believers are no part of this world, so why do we just hear take this and do it without thinking for ourselves and going to God for His wisdom and direction if He is truly our refuge? 


So with all that said, those who are awake to the huge mistake they have made in taking a part of the mark of the beast that is to change the cells and took into their bodies a nano hydrogel and aborted baby, and humanized mice all because this world said to without going to God, cry out to Him, repent, and ask Him to set you free. For He is the only one that knows the sincerity of the heart and circumstances involved. For He will save whom He will save and have mercy on whom He will have mercy. 

© poetryandprophecy - all rights reserved.

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You Already Took the C 19 Vaccine and Now realize what it is! 6-13-21



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