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We collect IP addresses that allow us to locate geographical locations of users and visitors. Everything you posts or enter on PoetryPublisher and Partner sites or PoetryPublisher and Partner sites can be made public and will likely be displayed on the forum and search pages. This includes private messages and feedbacks/critiques you provide and send.

PoetryPublisher and Partner sites may collect information on visitors. We do collect ip addresses, browser environment information, and other standard Internet information. This information may be publicly displayed on our forums, feedback pages, error pages, and maintenance pages.

This policy does not apply to the practices of poets and users of this site, our hosting company, and people that PoetryPublisher and Partner sites does not employ or manage.

We use cookies.

Ad-Free subscribers, we also store information given to PoetryPublisher, Partner sites and from This may include your real name and address along with other relevant information. We will not distribute this information for any reason. Law enforcement agencies may use this information to investigate crimes.

This site uses cookies to keep track of when you last visited the site in order to display a popunder ad and to track site usage. You can disable cookies using your browser's file menu.

PoetryPublisher and Partner sites collects and stores members' email address, name, and poetry. All this information is made available to visitors of PoetryPublisher and Partner sites to allow them to read poetry and send you feedback.

The password you provided PoetryPublisher and Partner sites is used to identify you prior to modifying your poetry and site. Sophisticated computer hackers have demonstrated an ability to capture passwords and use them to disrupt normal operations. If your password is short and easy to guess, casual - unskilled hackers can guess your password and alter your site.

At this time PoetryPublisher and Partner sites does not distribute or sell any information you provide to third parties, but we may in the future. If you do not want us to distribute this information please do not provide it. PoetryPublisher and Partner sites will never sell or distribute your poetry without your prior consent.

PoetryPublisher and Partner sites is committed to data security, but as mentioned in the "Terms of Use" we can not guarantee this security. PoetryPublisher and Partner sites limit web modification access to your data using the password you provided, but our web hosting company has unrestricted access to this information. PoetryPublisher and Partner sites have no control over limiting our hosting company's access to this data.

If you fail to provide an accurate email address you will not receive feedback from readers of your poetry, and you will not receive site updates via email.

Feedback given by users is collected and stored on computers maintained by PoetryPublisher and Partner sites so that poets can read the feedback.

You can contact us at with any questions or concerns.

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