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 "F IT"

"F-- IT"

Pendulum swings
out of control
record execs intimidated
by system rants
now wanna pull the plug
Fuck it
no stress partner
the show must go on
it don't matter
like all lives
really matter to niggas
system gotta close door policy
to our humanity
Fuck it
we're still a team
hawking slurs
at bigots wearing American Flag
lapel pins
so hashtag this
I'm a melanin soldier
up in your ass quick
like a laxative
hope you got security bitch
Fuck it
you need a nation
and that still won't hold me back
teaching Little Johnny
to be rebellious
having a Queen
Shea butter me
licking her walls
tossing her greens
yeah I can get erotic
although I'm conscious
I walk and chew gum
our lovemaking produce
a righteous rage
Fuck it
I speak to legacies
of true revolutionaries
much love comrade Micah
you's a killer with cause
doing the walking
while other are just talking
speaking consciousness
but they ass never swallowed
that damn red pill
Fuck it
I still ride and die
with love n light
in cross hairs
of leading the charge
to put the pressure
on a solution Black People
can agree on
Exposing those Hidden Colors
to galvanize Nubian lovers
to organize legacy building
not worrying am i black enough
No need for permission
from descendants of captors
our revolution and unison
will be their end time and rapture
Fuck it
Let's make them quake
in their boots.

(c) 2016 R.M.

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