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Deluge of indoctrination
a place where "abomination"
along with "hell" and "blasphemy"
keep the faithful servants in line
in order to keep the benefits of
socially and spiritually blind...
thou shall not act in any other kind.

Obedience is critical
where flames of damnation
await the cynical
and knowledge besieged weight
of complacency
still inoculating congregations
with false imagery
but plagiarized myths doesn't
equate real history.

Or correlation with our daily struggle
especially when it morphed into a daily hustle
but manipulation doesn't get pass a third eye
opened wide
as I can decipher between true saviors
and a blatant lie.

Sacrifices placate accomplishments written
baring witness to their vision
right before your eyes
Knowing them elevate your sense of pride
and intellectual rise
what faith attempts to hide.

So climb off your personal cross
research Ancestors who payed
ultimate cost
where truth burns
but wont get you burned.

Where heaven is what they stripped
from us
once the Greeks renamed Kemit to Egypt
up off our knees
You supposed messiah is not at all
what "he" seems...
Because some still hold to this dream
and become passive to our nightmares.

Abandoning truth and dare not challenge
the illusions
of religious intrusions
keeping you constantly in check
So raise up for the cause
to taper the effects.

2015 R.M.
all rights reserved.

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