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Another holiday
carnage ensues
body count continues
gun shots drown out
fireworks pops
JUST STOP.....the killing
JUST STOP.....doing White Supremacy's bidding
They keep smiling and applauding
along with those boot licking Negropeans
always talking about black on black crime
all the damn time.

Chi-town what's going on
another year brings
more somber songs
Please Ancestors....give us a sign
the order isn't divine
to see melinated beings
killed violently and senselessly

When will it end
Have any you gangsters comprehend
the ramification of your actions?
Seven year old boy is destroyed
by the war of neighboring factions
along with the fact you motherfuckas
can't shoot straight.
You're certainly not men
but some cowardly punks so clouded
by your anger and self hate.

I'm tired of the madness
all the tears from sadness
Tired of another funeral and wake
tired of hearing another rendition
of amazing grace.
Sound isn't sweet
with all this blood spilling in the street.
such a damn disgrace.

You gangsters cease the bullshit
and these bleak statistics
before you become one
Quit setting the sun in your vicinity
Love your neighbor, rebuild your community
please give it a try.

South side
west side
no more random shootings
or drive by's
increase the peace
let the carnage cease
and it wont change with silence
so Chi-town make the effort
please stop the violence
Now for all those victims.....
let's have a moment of silence..........
...............and so it is.

2015 R.M.
all rights reserved.

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