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Don't care
Let it rain
with the pain
of your exclusion

Induct confusion
simply sweeping
false bravado
under the rug

Showing no love
while pimping concepts of unity
lacking appreciation for my support
I thought would ruin me

But smoke DOES clear
along with illusion of fear
your approval
was my low self esteem
violently choking me
until I couldn't breathe.

But I see
principle of hypocrisy
discovering autocracy
flowing like sewage
in your brain
only the CREATOR
overstand why you're so vain.

It's plain and simple
fools with personal bias
I pop like pimples
and keep it moving
ceasing all doubts
invading my house.

Because you can't appreciate those
exhibiting the narrowest of minds
and some folks aren't so kind
to let you inside their domain
despite perpetuating the role
it's nothing but a game
so it's time to let go

And that's what I did
sometimes the world is cold
but I'll always let pieces flow
and rid the stench of haters
by bathing in self love.

So here I we go!!!

2013 R.M.
All Rights Reserved.

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