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 "ROYAL CONCEPTION" By Rob Morrow & Luvleeh Poetiklocks

Rob Morrow:

Strength Absorbs in Diaspora
Sensual Chemistry of Kemetic energy
fortifying balance to new beginnings.
Slowly but surely, it's ready to flourish
opportunities breastfed-
gradually nourish growth
A nine month process
in the development of hope…

Luvleeh Poetiklocks:

Echoes of King's heart
Vibrate the core of Queen's spine
Rhythmically tied rainbows
Form an umbilical cord
Of our ancestral song


Songs of Griot lullabies
serenade by djembe drums
Burning sage with African sons and daughters
Soothing Sankofa's cries
Establishing order to a new world
from the womb this fledgling soul arise....


The nativity of Sesa Wo Suban…
Transforms the womb to heat
Tracking rays of our veins
To the first breath
Milking clouds to feed our supernova…
This order – thick as Queen's fro
Strong as King's embrace…

Water breaks
labor and contractions
as spirit awakens
first breath taken
to activate the dawn of infancy
Tiny body cushioned
father's tears and mother's bossom.
Black Love fully achieved
balanced by a bundle of joy
beautifully conceived.
adorning parental wisdom in likeness of Tahuti
Flossing Universal principle
with roots of nzuri sana  
Raising this miracle to eye of Ra
as he/she catch a first glance of global renaissance
made in our image-
a global renaissance we've yet to finish

we spoke to the night
crossed deserts…
paddled over rivers for this birth…
Seeking deities well wishes
And unearthed strengths…
Sacrificed our oppressors
For Superiority… Took back our royal crowns
Releasing poverty
Became wealthy off the traditions of ancient sciences…
Walked through Royal libraries
Gave back defiantly…
For if we stopped fighting for ourselves…
God would not have blessed us with this baby.

© 2013 R.M. & Luvleeh Poetiklocks
All Rights Reserved.

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