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 "WE ARE ONE" (freewrite) by Rob Morrow

To combine my mind with power of the pen
is my ultimate obsession

Stressing awareness of lost souls
sinking to a recession

The ramification of self indulgence
taints the lessons of justice

2nd amendment advocates lust their weapons
but can't shoot straight...

A lawyer loses investments in stock market
now his family lounge in card board boxes
under the golden gate.....

Ashes of the wrongly convicted and executed
pollute calm waters

Rap videos and strip clubs dissolve the innocence
of our daughters.

Foolishly believing a book of fairy talks written by
a sky daddy will solve all our problems.

Existence through reality show and Facebook comments
mystery of true spirituality we'll never solve them.

Lottery tickets the only ticket out the ghetto

Black manhood redefined by Madea and Brothers in Atlanta
wearing stilettos.

Somber moons seek refuge in the warmth of the sun
Despite diversity..when all is said and done.....WE ARE ONE.

(c) 2013 R.M.
All Right Reserved.

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