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 "RAIN" (explicit) By Rob Morrow

I'm lick her candy

Wild excursions commence in downpours

Sweat emulate from every inch of our pours

Bedroom is empty and cold...because we didn't make it there..

Living room carpet beautifully stained....from the flow of her juices.....

Moans coincide with thunder roll of bodies interchanging positions of pleasure...

Manly strokes cools the heat of her desert

Melody of rain tapping the window pane

She covers her temple in champagne

I'm intoxicated sucking her nipples...

As she's riding high.....

Thunder claps....applauding our performance

Lightning gives spotlight to this moment.....

We fucked a groove......

In the middle of a Monsoon.....

Because my GODDESS is moved by sensual rhythm of the Rain.

2013 R.M.
All Rights Reserved.

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