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 "RELEVANCE" (explicit) By Rob Morrow

Lustful relevance in the air
manufacturing stares
in proper positions
rectifying submissions
to dire obsessions
it's wetness and erections
at our discretion.
Throbbing steel
swim in your lagoon
high pitch screams
manicured nails-caused
scratches on back
reaching high noon.
Like a DVR
I rewind and repeat
rewind and repeat
rewind and repeat.
Now secretions squirt and seep
through crevice of passion.
Completely stiffed
to the point of satisfaction
bestowed on this
path to ecstasy
feeling so damn content
with essence of you
loving me.
My stone hedge drowns
in penetration
sweet sensations
playing hips in rotation
with this smooth operation
planting the tree
I'm the water
you're the seed.
Taking responsibility
for our new found growth.
Masculine moans flow
to the beat of your
oral strokes.
Resulting pre cum....BUSTION
Sexy FUN...FUN...FUN...
like Con Funk Shon.
5 alarms ringing
delightfully singing praises
of your skills.
Now my poetic overtures
give your body chills.
Reciprocation of pleasure
mutually enriching
journeys to forever
wrapped around your finger.
While your thighs
are wrapped around my waist.
Lustful relevance never hesitates
Bodies adjust
to power of my thrust
you walls contract obligations
gripping revelations
in your secret hide-a-way.
Igniting life
to make an appearance
with missionary perseverance
and your nipples bitten gently
Orgasmic shrieks in high velocities
Signature of bliss
that is meant to be
now here we cum
Screams of passions
holding hearts for ransom
wiping sweat and tears
along with apprehension and fears.
You belong to me
bonding beyond limitations
of infinity.
I'm the water
you're the seed.
Sparking relevance
of spirits under development
We're like a song
composed with beauty and understanding
and we're ready to share our love
in a world cold and demanding.
2012 R. M.
 All Rights Reserved.

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