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 "BACK TO ME" by Rob Morrow

This poem is response to a piece done by Ms Lee Lee Misbehavin
It came back positive to me....
I'm sadly thinkin
All that sexin....
sometime without proctetion
but that SOMETIME
has come back to haunt me.
Now I payed the price
being down with O.P.P.
completley altered my life.
Becoming another casualty
being too casual
with my ding-a-ling
the results are in....
Now I wonder, what if I can do
it again.....
All my encounters
rubbers would've
met the road.
Wear my rain coat
even when it's sunny
and when I don't have one
be strong and say
sorry... but not tonight honey.
But now it's too late
the game has changed
numerous perscription drugs
would bare my name.
No; it's not a death sentence
but not being careful enough
result of my body's
life long imprisonment
To H.I.V.

2012 R.M.
All Rights Reserved.

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