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 "44TH YEAR" By Rob Morrow

The 44th year
rust clears away
once devouring my chrome
3 years without a home
transitioning in streets of L.A.
Nearly broke me
Seeking to climb out a hole
I dug for myself unsuccessfully
failed at my dream career of
driving for M.T.A.
Low wage driving jobs
drove me to dead end.

But in the end
I did not give in to failure
My spirit and soul remain upright
to understand my plight
I had to travel through darkness
in order to reach the light.
Now it all comes to past
Nature of the creator is the glory
a roof finally covers my head
With assistance from housing authority
plus a good paying limousine gig
AT LAST stability has come along
and destitution is long gone.
Three years in the making
Just in time for my 44th year
so excuse me while I do a little celebrating.
Made my way home
manhood measured
overcame the trials
mastered the tribulations
now I'm immersing in jubilation
did it on my own
Still a Papa
but no longer a rolling stone.
Completing the challenge
determination align spirit
help contend with failure
now I"m moving on
it's time to restore the balance.
A fatherhood revival
My daughter needs me more than ever
her maturity is flourishing
Asking question often difficult to answer
but being a dead beat to neglect my duties...never.
So once again
I'm back among the living
in this 44th year
I'm breathing easy and staying diligent
still have road to travels; many of them unpaved
for the quest for inner peace
so my soul keeps giving.
Appreciating all the support
Completely humbled by kindness and love.
Plus praises goes to GOD within
for psychologically holding down the fort.
44th year
Feeling the serenity
Coming of age
at a new age
I felt the shift,
now victory is claimed.
2012 R.M.
All Rights Reserved.

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