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 Vigilante - The Beginnings

Every story has a beginning.
This is the beginning of the Vigilante.....

Ripples in the sky,
And the north wind blows.
Where has she fled to,
God only knows.

It's lonely out here,
Without her by my side.
Ever since the day she left,
All I have done is cried.

I long for her touch,
To hear her sweet voice.
I curse that day she left me,
Yet not of her own choice.

I curse myself even more,
For not being there when she needed me.
When she was confronted by those men,
Who propositioned her, there were three.

They made her do things,
Things she'd never have done.
They forced her to do them,
Down the barrel of a gun.

I wish I'd have been there,
Whether I'd have had a gun or not.
I'd have made the ultimate sacrifice,
And stopped the bloody lot.

Instead I hide in these shadows,
The vigilante of the pure.
I protect them from their fears,
For pain in mine to endure.

Drawn by there screams,
I do all that I can.
To teach those who're guilty,
A lesson in reality first hand.

So if you see me in the street,
Keep a wary eye.
For I am still searching for the three,
That caused my darling to die.

Ever since that night,
The shadows have been mine.
To stalk those who're guilty,
Retribution shall be delivered in time.

For I am the one,
The vigilante of the pure.
You need not worry fair maidens,
For pain is mine to endure.

By: Heath G. Schofield

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