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 Obsession Without A Face.

Can you hear me,
As I scream your name into the dark?
Do you know me,
As I search my existence to prove you?

I can feel you,
In everything that I do.
I can hear you breathing when it's quiet,
I feel you next to me when I'm alone.

I want to know you,
I need to know you.
This is driving me crazy,
My obsession without a face.

When it's still I can smell your perfume,
But it's only as brief as the breath I take.
Stop doing this to me,
Leave me alone.

I can't stand this game,
Where are you? Who are you?
Please don't leave me,
For I will surely be alone.

One day I hope to hold you,
To look into your eyes and see.
See that you are and that you will be,
Until then you are my obsession without a face.

By: Heath G. Schofield

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