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Look at you
Standing at my door
With daggers in your eyes
And vengeance in your smile

The benefit of revenge
Is a rumor, you know--
Short-lived and a little hollow

Would you feel better If you cast the first stone?
You can break every bone
But my heart's long gone
Fled from the meant-to-be
That's flown

You had such hope
That this love had grown
But days of dancing
With eyes closed are gone

So you're angry  
But there's nothing I can do
About the sleep and peace of mind
That ellude you

You never use the compass
Your father left you--
You've been my little lamb
Sure to go everywhere I went...  
But I'm tired,
And aren't you tired of my shadow?

I hear you crashing
Time to move on
To pack up my storm
And have a shadow of my own

Did I breathe today
And will tomorrow wake me?
So much is bound to happen...
Doesn't mean it will
Is anybody out there?

I don't dare look back
Your devastation warps the air
Guess I'm everything you said,
"Provocateur Extraordinaire"
And the cruelty that entails...

How do I go from there?

Fugitive Hours
October, 2013

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