Fallen Angel~Broken Halo

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 Unleashed Imagination

Unleashed imagination...unlimited creation.
Unbridled passion....imagery to action.
Grandiosity of color, eruptions of lights.
Unyielding ecstasy,  reaching new heights.

Explosions of emotion bursting into flames.
Shimmering shades of wonder, with enchantment unnamed.
Detonations of Brilliance....filling the sky.
Releasing the eager spirit, ready to fly.

Wildness untamed, free and unrefined.
Ever changing, rearranging...universally designed.
Luminous thoughts in a never ending flight.
Through an amazing journey to incredible insight.

Abstract impressions, magnificent productions,
enticing, engaging with gentle seductions.
Numerous interpretations, Ingenious formations,
illustrations of fascinations, combining sensations

Explorations guided yet beyond control,
revealing visions of stories still untold.
Unforgettable...unrestrained yet beautifully free,
shining Reflections of what we can be.

Richard Moratin & Tamara Seraph
Copyright 2010


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