Fallen Angel~Broken Halo

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 This House

This house has had crayons etched upon the walls,
it's been messy & has seen plenty of falls.
it's lawn once littered from one party too many,
yes I know that this old house sure has seen plenty.

Walls have been built...only to be crumbled,
and this old house may have faltered & it may have stumbled.
once it stood abandoned...lonely with neglect.
This old house has felt things it can never forget.

But still it stood strong, in storms wind and rain.
and the changes it'd been through never left it the same.
But recently this house has been renovated,
redecorated and freshly repainted.

This house is intact...not even a crack.
Because this house is built on a strong foundation,
I have to say love is the only explanation.

This house is me & I built it on my own,
& with you in it...my heart is your home.

Tamara Seraph Copyright 2012


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