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Just for once
pay attention to me!

Your redundant soliloquy,
egotistical rage and hostilities
regarding the pain of your history
is an exercise of futility  
to America's persona.

Allow your chasm
to squelch that trauma.

Fight those feelings...
Don't be quite so revealing
to the sensitivities of the past.
You gotta man up..
Sometimes u must walk barefoot through broken glass

Making myself clear
Nobody want to hear this 400 year plight
you or your ancestors faced...
Do yourself and America a favor
and let it go for God's sake.
We got a Black President
so no more excuses
grievances and complaints  

Get over it
Deal with it
You want Reparations?
Boy, you can't be serious.

Come on, let it go
stop whining and crying like
an old negro spiritual.
(singing)Wading in the water..
You better learn how to swim
before they drown your black ass
in the deep end.

Who cares forgetting your past
will break your spirit
do you think the good ole
white folks wanna hear it?

You don't hear what I'm saying
don't you hear national anthem playing?
Salute the flag
get out your seat...
right hand over your heart
and stand tall.

While you're at it
spread your legs
get up against the wall
stop complaining
yes you have that remain silent
So quit being defiant.

Just be a good nigger!!!!
Absorb the weight
of a nation with its finger on the trigger
ready to stamp out your existence.
Stay consistent,simply obey
and look the other way
On account it's important for you
to live another day.
Besides, your automatic guilt and suspicion without proof
or probable cause
It's the American Way.
Two words...TRAVON MARTIN!!!
Nothing left to say.

After all THIS IS AMERICA, Bro....
you best act like you know
or better yet
act like you don't.

Isn't a good feeling
your heart is still beating
and not hanging from the end of a rope?

Oh and those books you read;
That "Message To The Black Man"
"Conspiracy To Destroy Black Boys"
"Visions For Black Men"
Lectures you attend with Rinoko Rashidi
and purchasing a John Henrik Clark DVD?
Nigger are you kidding me?!!!!

It be wise to throw it all in the trash
and set it on fire.
along with condemning those Radical Revolutionaries
Activist and community organizers.
Tell em they need to dispense with all the
Black Power/Mama Africa nonsense.

Their militant rants
should fall on def ears
Screw Public Enemy and K.R.S. One
be more like Soulja Boy
and give praises to slave masters
who brought your ancestors here.

There you go!!

for a job well done.
Reward yourself
by rolling up that blunt, son.

Watch some B.E.T.
and Shawty Lo's Baby Mama show
Blast Lil Wayne or Nikki Minaj
on your IPod
don't forget pants sag
a couple inches off your azz
and simply TUNE OUT.

You're living in America,
love it, worship it or get the hell out!!!

(c) 2012 R.M.
All Rights Reserved.


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