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It's finished
Love found a way
Or has it?
Secret treasures dug prematurely
Now history is doomed to repeat it's self
Hormones violated contract...sign by love
Foundation buckled under pressure
Moments of pleasure delivered a
near hazardous blow of instability
Now where do we go?
Is love still on the table.....
Or did flesh conqured all?
I meditate it's not the latter
You're too fine a Queen
for this to be just a physical thing.....
so I hope it's not too late
to reinstate the process.
Pure hearts will remain in unison
Eleminating fear and confusion
of just being a Saturday love.
Aligning chemistry.....
reconfiguring patterns to concote
a platonic remedy.
And this monkey wrench
wont cancel the program
despite all temptations
Power of love
will continue to stand.

(c) 2011 RM
All Right Reserved.


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