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 "THIS TIME, NEXT TIME" by Rob Morrow

Fire this time
Next time
Sparks of injustice
Became a raging fireball
Igniting the uprising
temperments rising
out of control
Fire in the hole
Justice ceased
so fuck the peace
along with the police
it's time to release it all.
Elements of hate
molding a police state
A community brutally raped
lead by sex offender
Chief Darryl Gates
Stripping Black Manhood
Outrage all over the place
not  just the "HOOD".
The signs were everywhere
messaging through gang signs
thrown up in the air
liike molotov cocktail.
Requeim of government fail.
Reginald Denny
unfortunte poster child
of white supremacy
Reginald Denny
unfortunate poster child
of white supremacy
All caucasian were the enemy
on corner of Florence and Normandie
Along with Korean Merchants
gunning down young black girls
purchasing a bottle of O.J.
becoming faithful servants
to those who hunt us down
I guess all we can do is pray
Hoping one day we can all get along
But not this day
because the shit is all wrong.
Let flames engulf
systematice oppression
and police obsession
with shooting niggas
with itchy trigger fingers
20 years later
the smoke still lingers
memory still lingers
nothing's really change
and threat of a sequel
becomes much more greater.
(c) 2012 RM
All Rights Reserved.


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