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 "REMEDY"(explicit) By Rob Morrow


but firmly....

she salivates

staff of creation.

Moaning confirmations

warm and inviting

variations to erotic


Releasing burdens

heavy on my soul....

giving signals....

don't hold back....

go ahead.....

loose control.

At the tip....

she licks....

pathways of life.

awakening of downtrodden

demeanor lost

in the edge

of night.

I await to play

in sunrise

between her thighs.

Craving to reciprocate....

this natural high.

From side to side

she licks...


and stroke

my shaft of giving.

Never missing....

a session

of wonderful lessons

bestowed on me.

She's my oral instructor.....

my head queen....

teasing intuitions

playfully and artistically

with her mouth....

in motion.

My body twitch

to soulful baselines

driven by....

her oral devotion.

I caress

her follicles

to deepest roots


from tongue to lips

speaks ultimate truth.

I lie back

with eyes closed

to enhance diametric


A thousand year love

causing galactic collisions

foretold in ancient times.

Masculine moans intensify

as visions cuddle me

blow kisses to me.

and tears fall

on Egyptian Pyramids

showering in

blissful sunsets

Caught in quest

of passion and power

like Asar brought back

to life by Aset.

At quickened pace

She glances at...

unspeakable pleasure

written all over

my face.

She proceeded....

giving me balanced

to ecliptic spirits

shattered in pieces.

Like Oshun

she pleases...

in order to heal.

Through sweet lubrication

of my pulse of steel.

Bright stars

cum rushing

all at once

and are about

to explode.

I scream

like a newborn

exiting mother's womb.

Grabbing hold

of locs and twist

forcing conclusion

of orgasmic orphus.

Like astronaut

returning from space

I finally splash down.

Lava oozes out

every inch of

my volcanic crown.

She erase doubt


put it down

and turned me out.

Fulfilling promises

left waste side

Unlocking fantasies

prohibited by

jilted lies.

Now it's my duty

to become her

spoken entity.

Return the favor

by tasting her

exotic flavors.

Bathing in juices

of life's creator.

To formulate

journey to

heaven's gate.

Where she belongs....

with me.


a precious love

a natural love

through beauty of

her oral remedy.

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