Fallen Angel~Broken Halo

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Everything that lives grows old,

Before you're born, your life's bought and sold.

Story's told…too late…to decide your fate

Not to worry…don't anticipate

It's written in stone

You are not alone

Train's in route

Not time for doubt

Leave your tracks in the snow

Come spring no one will know

You're not to blame

We're just a flicker …just a flame

A candle in the window, there to light one path

Not too much to ask

Don't burn too bright or you won't last the night.

And fade away too fast.

Nothing is made to last.

Still here we are

Wearing all the scars

Just like a memory

A pain meant to hurt only me

So here I am

Waiting for the plan

Standing tall, and after all

I'll drift away…

But maybe…just maybe…

You'll remember me some day.

copyright 2010 Tamara Seraph


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