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Living Only To Exist.

Trapped in neutral
shelter life
sorrow of tomorrow.
Souls tattered
fixed income
and mental instability.

Parolees release
in time to become
another number for
a case manager's work load.

Living only to exist

Hopeful in hopelessness
2 year waiting list
for affordable housing
hanging in common areas
profanity laced conversations
based on intoxication
a violation of house rules
is the part of the norm.
Traveling storms
of reality going nowhere fast.

dearly beloved departing
sense and sensibility
entering doorway
to valley of shadow
of upheaval
where remaining goodness
becomes full blown evil.
Completely stuck
not knowing
even refusing to decipher
which way is up.

Coffee mugs
perched on walkers
humming incoherent
melodies at random
on their way to breakfast.
Morning schedule consist
waiting for G.R. check to arrive
Afternoon schedule consist
of scheme to get with that
fine azz crack addict with big behind
living two doors down from you.
Evening schedule consist
picking up your overnight pass
signed by case manager and two
of you head to motel next door
and you conveniently tap that ass.
Plus tomorrow is Sunday, so you
send her on her way to church
so she can be saved.

With 30 day notice
placed on your bed
but still haven't found
permanent housing yet
but you're eager to leave
sick and tired of your roommate
always locked in bathroom
smoking "medicinal weed"
and you need to go pee
Special needs
diabetic seizures
lying in a bunk
infested with bedbugs
sign in sheets
must be complete
counting five years
on the streets.
Elderly woman
trying to make her
doctor's appointment
and AA meeting
later on this evening.
Curfew at 10pm
bed check
lights out
as she punched
her roomates lights out
retaliation through hot irons
in the face
police are called
to break up the melee
paramedics treat
her broken nose
confine in county hospital
for days.

Shelter residence
in transition
jaded from care
or responsibility.
Down on luck
not giving a fuck
however some do
sooner or later
they will pick and choose.
submerge in abyss
of chronic homelessness
or rise from those ashes
becoming liable
to actions and decisions
that brought you to
destitute position
conquering demons
restoring dignity.
doing more than exist.
Here are the keys
to your new home.

2011 R.M.
All Rights Reserved.


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