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 "ONE FLICK" By Rob Morrow

Because of one flick

Rage bit her lips
now RED blood drips

Because of one flick

BLUE mixed with anger
is causing her to seek
comfort of white strangers.

Because of one flick

I'm chastise for
ignoring her cries

To wombman, I caused her wounds.

BROWN skin suffers
I'm out of tune

Because of one flick

YELLOW is how I'm depict
for denying her conflicts

Misogynist, sexist
beaten, raped and slaughtered

My manhood questioned
along with ability to raise my daughter.

Because of one flick

A decision made
now I stand accused GREEN lawns
PURPLE flowers and
ORANGE rose covered graves
where so many women now lay.

Blind eyes and closed minds

To feminine themes
wrapped in color schemes.

Because of one flick

I can't turn my back on rainbows

and it's not enough to say no.
"This moment's for the Queens so I choose not to go."

Their ordeals
I'm held accountable

Always low down
like that down low, bro
spreading HIV and
killing his own seeds.

Because of one flick
I choose not to see.

The interest didn't peak
my struggles it didn't speak

Shame on me
It's my duty
to head to the theater or rent the DVD

No excuse
my resistance equates
contributing to their brutality and abuse.

Because one flick
A Black Man's views,is insignificant.

Powerless in voice
and we have no choice
so we must deal with it.

Because of one flick.

(c)2010 Rob's Poetry~~~


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