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 " SO BEAUTIFUL" By Rob Morrow

If I can ease your heart
soothe your sorrows
and recover your smiles
you'll never have to worry
about shattered dreams
because my love is unbreakable.
My dedication, unshakable
and I'm always aroused
by passion of your existence.

With persistence, I resist aimless
thoughts giving credit to
wondering eyes.
my focus is on you
and you alone.

Stay with me
I hope to feel
content with your closeness
allowing soulful abrasions cut gently
to your immaculate spirit
giving solidarity to
this passionate bliss.

Confirmed with deep kisses
and backside rubs
The aberration of making love
becoming oblivious to
scornful indictment
of reckoning.

I believe this connection
will stand firm and free
like trees growing by a river.

Soft and warm
Like your melanin.
Exploring clues to
your wonderful hues.

Tasting sweet libations on lips
my head rest on your bosom
with eyes wide shut and
dreams begin to magnify.

Souls intertwine with a
sensual awakening neither
of us can deny.

Strengthening the cord
of combine masculine
and feminine energy
rewarding a bond
that can never be broken.

Afrikan Diaspora
serenade dark tones

Dancing to motherland grooves
in presence of ancestors
on fertile ground.

Shouts and praises ring
in my ear.

Ancestors voices are
never more clear.

I take you by the hand
And we start to embrace

Suddenly I awake with
eyes gazing unto yours

and then you smile
which proceeds our tears that flow.

We can't let go

We won't let go

On account a love
we bestowed is oh so beautiful.

@ 2011 Rob's Poetry~~~


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