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 "DISTANCE" By Rob Morrow & Dawn "Deep Rivers" Blanchard

A collaboration between two pens!!!!

Rob Morrow~~~

Far and away

distant affection

serenade flames for your feminine pastures..

leaving me dismayed by your absence

lacking your touch that

makes me want you so much.

While your breast graze across my chest

and those sweet succulent lips

licking and sucking my....oooooo this is it!!!

Self stroking must commence

I need it

I want it

as I fiend to magnify your spirit

while you're physically AWOL

in order to get me off..

Dawn Blanchard-Deep Rivers~~~

The distance seems to grow

as the heat continues to rise

wanting and need the touch of you

but having to close my eyes and dream anew

Eyes closed shut

lips wet

hands roam

to hidden spaces

warm and inviting places

as if you are here with me

for the pleasure to really be

and then I feel reality

I am the one for now satisfying me....

Rob Morrow~~~

The reality is here, I lay stiff

with fantasies going awry

missing your rotating hips

As the heat continues to rise

so do I.

my palm only half duplicate

warm sensations

Penetrating colorful hues

of wide open thighs resting easy

on shoulders.

Images enhance strokes

to hardened soldiers.

Moaning your name to

climatic conclusions

exploding in painstaking fallacies

that it just an illusion.

Because I'm alone

anxiously waiting to

feel our bodies intertwine

like grapes on a vine

as soon as I get home.

Dawn Blanchard-Deep Rivers ~~~

The force that not only builds between my thighs

is limitless

as my heart soars to the sky

self love is never enough

when touched by you

loving so much

I know that distance can only play a part

but your memories remain safe in my heart

Placing these emotions in the proper place

I will save my hidden space

but only until I return

for you to satisfy my deepest burn....


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