Fallen Angel~Broken Halo

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 Last breath

If I was given, just one last breath....
to spend it with you
if you were so far away
I would send it to you

given once last chance
to tell a lie or a truth
again..I would tell you

I love you

if only for a moment
a catch of air in a breeze
if only for the lifetime of the sun's reflect
then in your arms I'd feel at ease

if never given the chance
to allow my flowers to bloom
then if only the space in my heart
would allow you room

then for one time...one instance
I could for a fleeting moment be free
and if for only that second..be happy
and in your arms be me...then so it goes
so it is..
so here I am
im your arms...once again...

copyright 2010
Tamara Seraph


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