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 Friend of My Heart

Song by Tamara Seraph

I can't see you anymore,
But I think you're still there.
I can't feel you anymore,
but I can sense your stare.
I'm blinded by emotion,
left suddenly unaware.
Is this loss of sight,
a problem we both share.

Where did you go,
oh friend of my heart
Did we sight of it all,
now we're apart.
Where are you now?
I can't see..
did we lose sight of it all
Are you finally free.

Over crystal waters,
we floated above..
thought we found..
our sea of love.
We fell in so deep,
I thought we'd drown.
when I swam to the surface,
you were nowhere to be found.

Where did you go,
oh friend of my heart.
Did we loose it all,
now we're apart?
Where are you now..
I can't see..
I'm all alone here..
And you're finally free.

I searched the shores,
as the waves rolled in.
where are you now?
will I see you again?
I watched the waves,
crash into the sea.
Where are you now my friend?
Do you remember me?

When I saw you today,
I didn't recognize you.
I searched in your eyes,
for the friend I always knew.
In a ray of sunlight,
I caught a glimpse of your smile.
I see you now my friend,
you've been there all the while.

Here we are now,
oh friend of my heart
We didn't get lost,
we were only apart.
Here we are now,
I can finally see.
we're not alone here..
we're only free...

Copyright 1993
Tamara Seraph


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