Fallen Angel~Broken Halo

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Pressure keeps rising,
patience is low.
Losing my mind,
losing control.

Don't try to tell me,
everything's fine.
Just let me go,
quit wasting my time.

Nothing gets better,
no one can change.
Tomorrow's just another day,
Everything will be the same.

So don't you tell me,
what I already know.
Get out my life!
Please just go.

Too much pressure on my brain,
You're too much trouble, cause too much pain.
Swallow your pride, take the blame.
Just give up, end this game.

Promises, You can't keep
Changes you won't make
You know you're in too deep
Why don't you give me a break

Kiss off.. Lay off..Back off...
get your hands off..of me!
Let it go..leave me alone..
Just let me be!

Copyright 1993
Tamara Seraph


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