Fallen Angel~Broken Halo

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 The depths of deception

In your youth you cannot conceive,
All I live for, all I believe.
In your innocence you are pure.
I am the illness there is no cure.

Don't look to me for love,
That I refuse to feel.
Don't look at me at all,
 what you see is not real.

Feel the chill from my heart of ice,
Nothing can heal, nothing can suffice.

Pinch my body, pierce my soul.
Kill my dreams, steal my goal.
Deep in my hearts agony,
I know there is no love for me.

In the depths of my illusion,
I've come to my conclusion.,
Deep within my minds pollution
I know there is no solution.

Isolation is my destiny.
Solo Monogamy.

I will die in my vanity.
Release my own sanity.
To this reality I awaken,
I know I am forsaken.

Emotions die inside me,
Deceive what you confide in me.
Let my spirit ride me.
Forever it will abide me.

Tamara Seraph
Copyright 1999


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