Fallen Angel~Broken Halo

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 The Friend I Never Knew

So many people walk into your life,
Some just casually pass by.
One you may choose for your wife,
Others may make you cry.

Crossing paths, sailing ships.
Acquaintances, colleagues, deep friendships.
Somewhere they've left their mark on you.
Even when you don't notice, they do.

The man who smiled as you walked pass,
A child's face imprinted on glass.
Are all etched in your memory,
Whether or not you wish to believe.

You take for granted everyday faces.
People you find in everyday places.
And when that seat is empty,
Did you ever take the time
To find out what was on his mind?
Did you realize that he was a friend,
Always there for you always kind,
Or maybe stop and think of all he's left behind?

Tamara Seraph

Copyright 2003


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