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 For Bobby & Elizabeth Hayes 6/5/04

As you begin your journey in each others hearts & lives, we wish you a lifetime filled with love & happiness.
May you find warmth in the light of each others eyes but do not hide yourself in its shadows. At all times feel free to be yourselves and do not look to change the other, only agree to compromise.
Remember the uniqueness of each other and the reasons you have come together now, for if you change the other they will no longer be the one you see before you. They will no longer be the one with whom you fell in love.
Do not raise your voice in anger, but remember to be understanding, supportive & comforting. Remember you are each others best friend, and treat each other accordingly.
Although your opinions may not be the same these are the things that make you special in each others lives. These are the differences that keep your lines of communication open and alive.
Show each other respect, for this is one of the foundations of love. Without respect how can you expect your love to grow and to last?
Treat each other with patience and kindness for love blossoms in our actions more than our words.
Remember your past but not as a hindrance or something to be dwell ed upon, but use it as a lesson and a guideline so the past will not be repeated and your love will mature and never grow stale.
Remember your commitment in front of God and all those you cherish, in binding your lives, your hearts and your souls you put each other above all others, and may no thought or decision be made with out the others consideration.

Again we wish you Love Prosperity Happiness & Longevity.
Congratulations; Bobby & Elizabeth Hayes.

The Seraph Family


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