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 Suicidal Heart

Take my love and use it, hold my heart abuse it,
Show me again that you don't even care.
Leave me own my own, cause you rather be alone,
Just say you want me and I'll be there.

I've got a suicidal heart that loves to feel pain,
And there it goes falling for you again.
My suicidal heart lives for the misery,
Of waiting for you too love me.

Touch me and tease me,
Love me then leave me.
I know you don't want to stay
Show me sweet affection,
And then hurt me with rejection
You must think I like it that way.

My love for you is blind,
 You hold me on a line,
And then you walk me right into your wall.
Just give me half a chance,
 I'll show you a lil' romance,
I'll teach your heart how to fall.

But in my dreams, your love is sweet.
 I have your heart if only in my sleep,
I have your love if only in my dreams.

Tamara Seraph          
Copyright 1993


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