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 Limousine Liberal

Limousine Liberal, Silver spoon in your mouth.
Think you know what it's all about.
Grew up in the sixties,still a Little too late.
Just an old hippie, trying to relate.

Trying to make it right, but you've done it all wrong.
Living a past you never belonged.
Acting like you been there, but you never knew.
Never seen hard times, never paid your dues.

Peace, love and suburban living.
Take what you can, as long as their giving.

When it's your turn to give, where do you go?
To your house on the hill, and your fantasy role.

Pretentious principals, pessimistic point of view.
None of it matters, it doesn't affect you.
Feed the rich, tax the poor.
When they come knocking you close the door.

How does the world look through your eyes?
Have you seen it all, can you sympathize?

Can you see it all from your house on the hill?
Limousine Liberal, keep your bleeding heart still.

Copyright 1996 Tamara L. Seraph


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