Fallen Angel~Broken Halo

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 Yellow Roses (in Loving Memory of Miriam J. Burt)

Darkness came and engulfed the night.
A doorway in the sky did light.
Tears of sadness washed down like rain,
Knowing what would never be again.

Petals tossed with thoughtfulness,
Wishing for the very best.
Letters, songs and prayers,
Dedicated to the one not there.

The spirit now lives in favorite places,
Where if you try you can see the faces.
In reminiscence of all good times,
We heal the heart and the mind.

In hopes that we can still be heard,
I love you is said in whispered word.
And if a star sparkles for you,
You know that you are loved too.

Tamara Seraph
Copyright 2003


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