Fallen Angel~Broken Halo

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 I saw Elvis at a Party

I saw Elvis at a party,
looking lost and sad.
His rhinestones no longer shined,
his blue suede shoes looked bad.

He appeared old and tired,
sitting in a corner all alone.
Then someone asked him,
to step up to the microphone.

His head was bowed as he looked at the crowd,
who were all looking at him.
"Who's that on stage," someone said,
 "he looks like a has-been."

When the band started to play
people quieted down
Elvis started singing,
and everyone turned around.

They didn't recognize the man,
 but his voice they had heard before.
His songs still played on the radio,
 so the crowd cried out for more.

But Elvis had left the building,
 and he slowly drove away.
The old man was a little happier,
 to have been King for one more day.

Tamara Seraph

Copyright 2003 Tamara L. Seraph


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