Fallen Angel~Broken Halo

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Behind a secret door, in a castle made of stone.
An Indian princess waited, content to be alone.

Many approached the castle but none could get inside.
The princess was well guarded, safe and satisfied.

Few had found the door but none could find the key.
Some had even climbed the wall to set the princess free.

But she could not be found, she hid within the night.
Revealing only what she dared her heart kept out of sight.

Always cautious, forever unsure.
Never allowing anyone inside the secret door.

Then one day before the wall stood a young Indian chief,
He only asked for friendship and a place to find retreat.

they talked throughout the night, their deepest thoughts they shared.
Soon they came to realize their souls had been bared.

So close they had become, so strong the bond had grown,
They knew that it was time to let their feeling's known.

She gave to him her heart, said she wished she could give more.
In that heart of stone . . .
he found the key to the secret door.

Copyright 1993 Tamara Seraph


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