Fallen Angel~Broken Halo

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Slash my wrist.. punch a wall
..let me bruise and bleed me
Nothing as comforting as the blood running from my cheek
Don't for an instant
..don't  think that you know me
Born in my eyes..touch of my face
.. taste of my lips… only 1 tear allowed
Pick yourself up.. shout it out loud..
toughen up.. just to tear me down
..open my  heart
Just to wear me down
Slap my face just to hear the sound..
Of my heart  breaking once again
…and I am screaming into the wind
Blood runs more freely than tears
..slicing my love through the years
Physical pain lets you..hide in your fears
..everything's not as it appears
Count your blessings at night
He's hoping you don't wanna fight
Crying can only emphasize
 ..all that's in his mind
So saddle up cowgirl…
pretend that you don't know
Just last your 8 seconds until the next show
Toughen up lil'girl this
... isn't your first Rodeo
So just fake a smile hoping that he'll just go ..away
Just one more tear..rolling down your cheek
..only for one more day

You should have never run away
.. no you should have never come this way.
Count your 8 seconds until the next show
.. this isn't your first Rodeo
Don't for an instant
..ever let it show
Don't ever let it known
That this isn't your first Rodeo

Tamara Seraph
copyright 2010


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