Fallen Angel~Broken Halo

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 Pieces of my heart  

Pieces of my heart are buried in the ground,
Pieces of my heart are scattered in the ocean,
These are the pieces of my life, I  once held so dear,
Now these pieces of my heart leave me shattered and broken.
I never thought for a moment, that I would regret my past
Now my time has come, the pain is here at last
Can I ever be forgiven, Can I ever forgive myself?
All the broken hearts I left behind,
When I put my heart on a shelf

Do they know where they have taken me,
When their will to live had gone?
Did they realize I would follow?
Did they know that they belonged..to me?

Dedicated & Written for
Ken Gunderson-Sept 17th, 1958~March 8th 2001-Father of my son, my first love & my best friend.
David Lamborne Sept 4th 1952~April2 2006-my former husband & step-father to my son; My confidant...My Friend...My Love

Thank you both so much for the gift of your time with me!! ~ I love you & miss you dearly; pieces of my heart belong to you!

Copyright Tamara Seraph 2006


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