Fallen Angel~Broken Halo

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 For the next generation


I may be old school
But I know the new rules
Don't think of me as an old fool
Cuz I know all about you
You just think you're cool
But I've been there done that
Survived it before
I've calculated your score
But you don't listen no more
Think it's a new door
But the handle's worn
And the lock is broke
The hinges are torn
I've opened that door
Been through it before
But go ahead; go on in
You'll see the same thing
 I've seen over again.
Walk inside,
Show your pride
And when you fall down
I'll still be around
I'll pick you up,
Listen to your sad luck
And put on a smile
Cuz I've walk that mile  
Won't say I told you so
I'll act like I don't know
But one day you'll learn
One day it'll be your turn
And some day you'll have the chance to be me
And listen to your own stupidity.
Coming from one who's younger than you
Saying you don't know what they're going through
And all the while
You'll just smile
Cuz you would've already walked that mile.

Tamara Seraph
copyright 2004


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