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 Watching in Silence

All these years I've protected you,
Taught you, watched you grow.
But now is the hardest time of all,
It's time to let you go.
How am I supposed to stand here silent?
And let you be the fool?
How am I supposed to not shout warnings?
As you bend and test the rules?
I've been everywhere you wish to go.
But all advice lands on a deaf ear.
You must see it all for yourself,
So you refuse to hear.
The same situations,
you believe can be different,
For you are not I.
But that road is well traveled,
And it ends the same
For all those who try.
So take your journey,
Enjoy the ride
Remember what you learn,
Remember I'm on your side.
And when you've reached your end,
And you've learned all that I know.
I will still be here,
In silence watching you grow.

Tamara Seraph
copyright 2000

This poem is dedicated to my son Christopher who is now "all grown up"
with still so much to learn and see.
Enjoy those times when they still need you, you'll miss them later.




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