Fallen Angel~Broken Halo

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Hidden deep within a darkened hollow space,
Eruptions of emotions strain for release.
unspoken words await proper time and place,
Let the light into my lonely heart,
 let us be in peace.

If my days could reflect my dreams,
If only life could be so sweet.
If fantasies held an essence of truth,
Then I'd share the secrets my heart keeps.

Magnetic attraction, constant distraction,
Sudden impulse weakens moral resolve.
Passion and desire unconfirmed by action,
Only strengthen this forbidden love.

Could this be destiny, a predetermined course?
Tortuous indecision strategically placed by fate?
A making of imagination, or a strong willed force.

...Reveal to me the future...
...in a painful silence I wait...

Tamara Seraph

Copyright 1993


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