Fallen Angel~Broken Halo

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 Dear David

For David Lamborne 9/4/52~4/2/06
"May you find peace in God's Paradise "

I built a wall around me,
That your pain could not penetrate.
My heart hushed, emotionless,
Settled on your fate.
My love kept quiet,
My own pain silenced,
Now its too late.
Why did I hesitate.
..Why did I hesitate?

Where you convince I didn't care,
Are you with us now, Can you hear?
Can you see me now as I tear down that wall?
And without a doubt I loved you through it all

I couldn't stand to see the sadness in your eyes.
I couldn't bear to watch as your life passed you by.
Several times you asked, but never did I say.
If I thought I could have helped you I would not have walked away.

Forgive me for my distance,
Please understand my cause.
When you see me from your heaven,
I hope my loves not lost.
Once again
...Once again

(Repeat Chorus)
All these years I kept my heart on hold
After all these years now your stories told
All those years I hid my fears
After all these years I release my tears

(Gently whispered)
God as his love in me is in love with his love in you

Tamara Seraph Copyright 2006


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