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 False Prophet

(This poem was written in 1993 about David Koresh and his followers in Waco Texas)

False prophet, Sad savior,
Death threat Soul en-slaver.
You won't find, what you pray for,
When you're knock'n on hells door.

So you need someone to believe in.
So you need someone to lead.
But if you choose to follow,
Don't take the children when you go.

Like a snake in the garden of Eden,
You just take and leave them bleeding.
in your search for heaven you felt compelled,
to lead your slaves to the flames of hell!

How can you ever justify,
sending innocent children to die.
guess your followers will never know,
that Lucifer stole their soul...

There is no one, No One to save you!
and God he never ever forgave you.
ordinary man can't lead you,
He can only try to deceive you.

You thought you found the truth,
yet you only stole their youth.
when you dealt that fatal blow,
 you put the children on death's row!

False prophet, Satanic savior
Death threat, Soul en-slaver
Lost lamb you'll never find,
Any hope in your seventh sign.

Tamara Seraph
copyright 1993


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