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 Temporary Moment in Time

It's just a temporary moment in time,
In a wink of an eye it's gone.
You never even saw it go by,
But you know it can't be wrong.

It's just a single day out of a year,
Just a second within 1 hour.
Seems a long way off but when it's here,
You know you can feel the power...oh yeah..
you know you can feel the power.

It's just a thought in a passing phrase,
Like a shooting star in the night,
It's gonna be one of those days
Everything will be alright...tonight...
Everything will be alright.

No worries, no regrets
it's gone before too long
Don't give a second thought to it
You know that it can't be wrong
..so strong..
you know that it can't be wrong

{repeat Chorus}

It's just a moment of your time,
that's soon gonna pass you by
It always seems to work out fine
Don't try to understand why,
..don't try..

{repeat Chorus}

 CyTam Productions-Copyright 1997
Lyrics -Tamara Seraph, music- Cy Taggart


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