Fallen Angel~Broken Halo

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I invite you to my world,
let you share my days.
I invite you to my life,
share the sun's rays.

I invite you to Frisco.
'cause that's where I may belong.
and I'd like to take you with me,
'cause what I feel is strong.

I invite you,
to let me delight you
I invite you
to be with me.
Can't you see.. what can be..
..you and me..

I invite you to walk with me,
Share all I am
I am happy when I'm with you,
I hope you understand.

This is an invitation,
of what can be...
come explore..
..the possibilities...

{repeat Chorus}
Welcome to my nightmares
Share with me your dreams
Let me wake in your arms
..you and me...

Tamara Seraph
Copyright 1997


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