Broken Mirror Shattered Self

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o 8/24/12 6:17am



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The Ultimate Love, The Love of Your Child

****Before we get to it, let me just say that I have no kids of my own yet, but with this I tried hard to put myself in a mother's shoes on those days when your child for some reason is giving you a break and being such an angel. So please do tell me what you think. Thank you****

I laugh to myself
My thoughts stuck
On children at play
Always just bursting
With something important to say
They smile in your face
And just bat precious eyes
Just waiting for you
To look into their eyes
And oh how those eyes sparkle and shine
As they tell you all about
Their made up surprise
You smile right back
As you say oh my
I just know this is most definitely the best surprise
They just giggle and say "SEE"
"I did it all by myself,
I'm grown up now,
I needed no help
But mommy please,
Will you hold my hand
And don't forget
To chase away the boogeyman?
Cuz I'm still sort of little
Against you mommy, them monsters are scared
They know you will win
And that YOU'LL never be scared!
And hey mommy?"
"Yes Dear" you will say
"Are you really proud of me really, like everyday?"
You'll hug them tight,smile and say
"You bet, no question!"
"I'm proud of you too mommy,
You're the best everyday!"
A hug and a kiss
As you tuck them in bed
Feeling almost too blessed
After all, these are the moments
No question that can never be compared
For a second
The pride you feel...
All that surrounds you just stopped and stood still
As you lay your head down
And slip into dreams
Of your little grown up and you
Special games, and Ice cream


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