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 Silence Sound Of Nothing

Have you ever heard the silence?
Do you know the sound of nothing?
Have you ever felt the presence of no-one,
As they watch your every move?

Next time you're alone listen for it.
When ever you lock up your home, wait for it.
Those cold shivers running down your spine,
Is that which you fear most.

Your eyes twitch in every direction,
Yet nothing is hard to find,
When you're looking for something.
Don't panic, the silence will eventually find you.

Wait for the light to fade,
For darkness is the ally of silence.
You see nothing, you hear nothing,
As nothing comes to take its claim.

Have you ever felt the presence of nothing?
Do you know what it looks like?
As it glares at you from across a darkened room,
Waiting for you to turn off the light.

Listen carefully, you can almost hear it.
It moves with you from room to room.
Shadow is its friend, allowing it to pass,
Between the shards of light that probe its very existence.

The sun rises, light fills our lives,
It allows us to venture,
Where darkness used to dwell before.
But for now there is only light.

Until the sun sets and darkness comes,
Silence comes again on the heels of nothing.
Nothing moves quietly,
Across the now darkened areas of existence.

Have you ever heard the sound of silence?

Do you know the sound of nothing?

By: Heath G. Schofield

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