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May 2012
I have included a poem titled "THE LAST RIDE" on my poetry site that was written by my Nephew, Frank Mitchell in Memory of my Mother, "Mary Elizabeth (Cox) Evans". Thank you Frank.

Dec 21, 2008
A couple of months ago I was asked if I would submit one of my poems to be included in a poetry book that would be printed and distributed by the U.K. around the world.
So I gave my permission and submitted a poem titled "Children On Loan." A couple of weeks ago I received notice that my poem now had an international copy write under my name. Also that I was now known as a "Renown International Poet." I was blown away, to say the least. Like "WOW" who would have thought that this little country girl would make it to the big time. What an honor.

July 29Th 2008
Hello Everyone;
I just got home from Las Vegas.
My Mother accompanied me during this trip, and we had a wonderful time.
There where twelve hundred Poets who gathered for this event from fifty different Countries.
We had what was called open mic, and I had the opportunity to read and share some of my poems with the other Poets, and I listened to others as they read and shared their poems.
I met Poets from Countries such as, Canada, London, Australia, The Philippines, and Pakistan to name a few. Then of coarse there were Poets from other States from the U.S. but ( I couldn't believe it) I was the only Poet from Kansas.
The activities, shows, and banquets, that were provided for us were outstanding.
Although the poem I wrote for the contest titled, "MY POEM" did not win, I did receive two awards.
My Mother and I plan to attend this event again next year it at all possible. Even if I don't get nominated for best poet for that year, which would give me the opportunity to compete again.
Not only did my family miss me I need to put in a {Honorary mention,} for Our Cat; "Miss Purdy" Dogs; "Storm and Jewal" and our Horse; "Mean Machine" {It was said that they missed me terribly.}
I want to thank all my Friends and Family for their support and confidence in me, and all the
prayers for our safe trip.
Thank You, and God Bless You All !!!

June 8Th 2008
A personal note from the desk of:
Howard Ely, Managing Editor
Dear Russett Stubbs,
Recently, we informed you by mail and by email that our editors have certified your poem "Children on Loan" as a semi-finalist in our International Open Poetry Contest.
May 12, 2008 I received a letter from International Society of Poets.
Informing me that I had been Nominated as "Poet" of the Year for 2008.
I have been invited to read my poetry at the largest gathering of poets in history, where I will be formally inducted as an International Poet of Merit and Honored member of the Society for 2008-2009. My induction will take place in the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas, Nevada, during the International Society of Poets Convention and Symposium, July 24-27, 2008. I will be honored with two separate and very special awards for my poetic achievements. After reading my poetry in front of fellow poets from over 50 nations around the world, I will be presented with a International Outstanding Achievement in Poetry a 10-inch tall Crystal Award Trophy made from Imported Lead Crystal, with my name hand-engraved on it and mounted on a beautiful wood base. with a special carrying case to be taken home in. I will also in recognition of my poetry be presented a beautifully crafted, antique bronze Commemorative Award Medallion to honor my poetic dedication and achievements.
I will have the opportunity to meet some of the world's most renowned professional poets, such as Pulitzer Prize-Winning poet W.D. Snodgrass, Academy of American Poets Past Chancellor David Wagoner, Dr. Herbert Woodward Martin, Professor Grace Cavalieri, and over dozen other celebrities
I will also be meeting Tony Danza, Star of Television "Taxi" and "Who's The Boss", Film, and Broadway, and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame The Coasters.
I am taking my Mother with me and we will be staying at the Famous Riviera Hotel .
Wish Me Luck on my Poetry Reading, Should I Win I will receive The Grand Prize of $20,000.00 cash and and a $10,000.00 publishing contract.
Although it is doubtful that I will win, just the ideal of being nominated is truly an honor in it's self.


I received this notice Jan. 2008:
Editor's Choice Award Presented to Russett Stubbs 2007 For Outstanding Achievement in Poetry.
Presented by: Poetry .com and The International Library of Poetry.


"To Be Like Daddy" is featured in a hard back book titled "Forever Spoken."

The poem; To Be Like Daddy, was written for my Son "Wyatt." It was read on the Open Road, Dave Nemo XM Radio Show, Hosted by Marcia, Channel 171, on Dec. 30Th 2007.

Jan 25Th 2007
I received a personal note from the desk of: Howard Ely, Managing Editor which read;
Dear Russett Stubbs, I am delighted to inform you that your poem "To Be Like Daddy" has been awarded the Prestigious Editor's Choice Award because it displays an original perspective and unique creativity--judged to be the qualities found most in exceptional poetry. Congratulations on your achievement. Howard Ely, Managing Editor

NEW ANNOUNCEMENT - I am happy to announce that "To Be Like Daddy" was entered in a poetry.com contest and has reached the semi finals as of Jan 30Th 2008


"TIME SLIPS AWAY" was written for my Husband "Byron" overlaid over a picture of his truck and framed and presented to him as a Christmas Present Dec 25Th 1998.
"Time Slips Away" was read on the Bill Mack Open Road XM Radio Show, channel 171, Hosted by Cindy and Bill Mack, Jan 8Th 2008. The feed back I received from them and their listeners were very positive and complementary.


This Poem is "Based On A True Even," That happened in 2004. This accident occurred in front of my Son "Wyatt." He was driving for Jones Motor Co. on Interstate -10 in Louisiana. It was very upsetting for him, as he also had a passenger "His Grandpa" who was in the sleeper at the time.
He called me at 3:00 AM. and told me what had happen. He said that my voice was comforting to him. I told him that I had woken up about a 2:40 A.M. and couldn't go back to sleep. It was then, that the Lord put it on me to pray for the Lord to keep him and his truck safe. Oddly enough after all these years I just learned after posting this poem that he had my Father with him.


On Feb.2ND 2005 for "Amy." Who's Mother passed two months prior, due to complications with diabetes.


This poem was written for a poetry contest and it has inserts from the poem I had written titled "In Loving Memory of Mother"


I live in "Tornado Ally," tornado's have touch down in Haysville , Wichita, Andover, Mulvane,
and Mullinville.
I have friends and family in all these areas and have helped with clean up after the fact.
I was inspired to write this poem after watching storm weather on TV.
You can purchase a weather alert radio by copying this site: www.weatheralertradio.net
Then paste it in your browser.

This year of 2008, I felt very honored
to have been asked to write and present a
poem at our 41st Class Reunion. My goal
in composing the poem "Class of "67" was
that every class mate could relate and have
the feeling that they were referred to in the
poem with out their name being mentioned.